Do you have a million ideas to move your business forward and no idea where to start?


Do you feel too busy reacting to the day-to-day leaving no time to create your ideal future?


The 25th Hour will support you through a strategic mapping process that results in clarity, direction, and a clear plan to tackle your priorities!

The Transform Your Time package allows us to  dive deeply into seven strategic objectives that define your business. Over the course of three sessions we will organize and strategize -- creating a visual tool with your prioritized projects. All of this is aimed towards you experiencing your greatest success yet!

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As your trusted partner in business, The 25th Hour goes the distance to get you organized and keep you disciplined by setting up or cleaning up your back office processes. We streamline and automate your operations to ensure all business systems, procedures, and tools are in place and functioning smoothly and efficiently. 

Are you ready to bring more ease into your business?

Moving forward, we co-create a plan, and keep your team on task and on time. We are experts in managing timelines and ensure that follow up results in follow through all the way to project completion.

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Are you looking to grow your team with talent? With your mission, vision, and values in mind, we will do the heavy lifting to ensure you have top contenders to select from.


We will work with you to establish clear roles and responsibilities; draft job descriptions and processes; manage the active recruiting and assessment stage; and finally, onboard and support your new team members to ensure they have the best possible experience and transition into your business. We believe a happy and fulfilled team equals a productive and loyal team.

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