• Have multiple projects to manage concurrently?

  • Thinking about launching a new program, service or product?

  • Maybe you’re struggling to stay on the ball with vendors, or finding it difficult to keep tabs on many moving parts? 


The 25th Hour co-creates a plan, and  keeps everyone on task and on time by staying in touch with team members and reporting back to you at regular intervals. We are experts in managing timelines and ensure that “follow up” results in “follow through” all the way to project completion.


  • Have you ever thought, "there must be an easier way to do this?"

  • Do you have a standardized process in place for all recurring projects and tasks your team enacts day after day, week after week?   

The 25th Hour gets you organized  and keeps you disciplined by setting up or cleaning up your back office processes.  We streamline and automate your operations to ensure all business systems, procedures and tools are in place and functioning smoothly and efficiently. 


We understand that not everyone is made to be a manager. 

Guess what? That's okay!

We can lead and manage your existing team (or you can use ours) to make sure the right things get done at the right time by the right people. 

Additionally, if your company is expanding and you need to hire and on-board new team members, we can help! This is something we've been doing since 2013, placing over 250 people in over 10 companies.