You're a Force of Gravity - Don't Fall Victim to Time

I have more than enough time to do everything that's on my list!”... says no one I know, including the team at The 25th Hour!

Even during a nationwide shutdown, supposedly with nothing but time on our hands; we tend to believe that time has escaped us. We didn’t master that new skill; we didn’t complete that project that's been on hold for years.

Is it due to the lack of time or our relationship with time?

In Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap, he pleads for us to toss out our tired time-management systems. He describes these systems as taking up more of our valuable time since we aren’t tackling our conception of time at its core.

“You are where time comes from,” explains Hendricks as he compares Einstein (infinite) Time to Newtonian Time (scarcity thinking).

Hendricks states Einstein Time affords him an abundance of energy. Einstein Time allows him to get more done. Einstein Time means no more rushing and no more time-crunching.

Embracing Einstein Time re-frames the personas we’ve attached to time management – time-slacker or time-cop – and relieves us of these fixed archetypes. Practicing Einstein Time means we manipulate time to have as much as we need.

Hendricks based his practice on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Instead of thinking about time as rigid and ticking away at its constant rate, we must believe in our ability to warp and stretch time. Like gravity, we can manipulate our space.

How does a time diet sound? A cold-turkey cutoff from complaining about time! You get all the benefits with no carb cravings!

Commit to a new relationship with time today! Let us know how The 25th Hour can support you in the comments below.

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