Integrating Disparate Systems

As a Certified Online Business Manager, I now plan projects with an eye toward automating processes.

Processes are the way in which we get things done. In my experience, our processes for completing tasks come about haphazardly as our lives get busy. We tend to adopt the quickest process and rarely look back. When that task rears its head again, we default to what we know.

Your disparate processes may be wasting effort, time and money. Our processes become operating procedures or systems when they’re implemented on a routine basis. For example, managing invoices is a routine process. The way in which you manage invoices becomes an operating procedure. As a Certified OBM one of my goals is to save you time, effort and money, and all three can be saved by integrating stand alone systems. I continue to work with Meg Bouvier Medical Writing. I have transitioned her from emailing invoices created in Word to more efficient. cloud-based, bookkeeping systems that save us valuable time. As the demand for Meg’s services grow, I am entering a new phase of project management. I realized one way to improve her business is to track customer trends. Now it is necessary that I integrate Meg’s various systems and get them “talking” to each other so we can simplify how this is done. I'm integrating Meg's systems to make her business more efficient, to automate repeated tasks/projects and to make the customer experience more consistent. Anytime you decrease time and effort, you save money. This is what I offer as an OBM. As an Online Business Manager, I am best suited for clients who are serious about business but do not have the time on their own to peel back the layers of their operation and rework their different systems. The use of a new tool, Zoho One, has made this new phase of project management with Meg possible. This technology allows an interactive execution of business processes that increase productivity, reduce wasted time, and cut out the possibility of human error. In addition, having everything under the one platform for a single price is less expensive than a handful of individual subscriptions. My job has been to help configure this platform to be the best customer relationship management system it can be for Meg and then direct her on how to optimize its use. Have you tried integrating your varied systems? With an extra eye on 'the big picture,' The 25th Hour will discover where and how you can optimize business procedures! Contact me today. #streamlineprocesses #projectmanagement #makelifeeasier #CertifiedOBM

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