I Am Grateful!

May I request a moment of your time?

This will only take a moment... I need to shout this from the rooftops….

!!!!THANK YOU!!!!

I am so grateful to be here - exactly where I am meant to be - and not for one second do I think that I did it on my own!

There are countless people I am immensely grateful to for their unwavering support throughout the years, but there are two very special women I want to shower with love and appreciation this holiday season!

Tonya LaFleur -- you’ve been there from the beginning - you're my oldest and best-est friend. It feels like yesterday when our younger selves lived just across the street from each other. Our unique life journeys couldn't keep us apart, even after we both moved away for college.

You consistently bring an empathic ear and unconditional love to all your relationships. Throughout the many years, as our paths have intertwined, you have witnessed so many of my best (and worst) moments. You remain a pillar of strength and a source of joy for me; you are family.


Yoluanda Brown; a fellow OBM and colleague, you're the best accountability partner a girl could ask for! I remember how grueling OBM certification week was - and we got each through! I've loved getting to know you as a talented colleague and also a trusted friend. 2020 has been a whirlwind that brought you into my life and for that, I'm so very grateful!

It's been so comforting having you on the other end of our weekly accountability calls. You continue to remind me why I chose the path less traveled, and I look forward to another season of brainstorming business alongside you!

Nearly every day, I text these two ladies three things for which I'm grateful. This Thanksgiving I am shouting my appreciation from the rooftops! Immense gratitude for these two supportive, selfless, and sassy sistas!

Who are you most grateful for this year? Share the love below! Wishing each of you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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