Finding My Niche

“Niching down” will ultimately improve my customer's experience and satisfaction. This is something I've struggled with for years. Though to some, it sounds counter-intuitive, narrowing down whom I choose to work with will not limit my ability to serve a diverse clientele. Finding a niche is necessary for a small business, as the entrepreneur can cater to a specific need.

Before I became a Certified OBM, I was compared to a Swiss Army knife. I was a multipurpose, multifaceted jack of many trades. Though my clients loved this about me, I didn't as much of the work wasn't interesting. I’ve come to realize that if I am not challenged by my work, I am not as motivated as I can be and unable to bring my best self to work each day. I serve others best by keeping an eye on the big picture and looking at the overall health and wellness of your business. By working with clients who trusted my assessments and recommendations, I've learned that this is where I excel.

Now, with experience and confidence, I can be selective.

I seek to collaborate with service-based companies.

I seek to collaborate with professionals with advanced degrees or those at the top of their game. I’m highly motivated by people who are experts in their field with accumulated wisdom to share. You may have an awesome idea, be awesome at what you do, but that may not mean you are awesome at running a business. That's okay and exactly why you'd turn to an OBM to help.

I seek to collaborate with entrepreneurs as business partners. Entrepreneurs who make a difference every day with the delivery of services.

My job as your OBM is to strategize to get things done and delegate. I desire to be your representative. An OBM is not just another staff member.

If you’re a business owner who fits the above criteria, with at least $250K in annual earnings, and you already have at least one Virtual Assistant, you may be ready for an OBM. Schedule a Discovery Call with me today! #findyourniche #certifiedOBM #collaboration

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As a strategic partner, The 25th Hour enables you to focus on growing your online-based business and spend more time doing what you love and are meant to do. Rebecca Scheetz, Certified OBM®, and her team manage all that diverts your professional attention, including day-to-day management of operations, projects, metrics and teams, so you can focus on your core business offering.


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